Disclaimer: I understand that I will not receive a refund or exchange for any services or products in The RAC gym or on The RAC website. This includes meal plans, merchandise, classes, kids programs, packages, or personal training I pay for up front. In case of an emergency situation, credits can be negotiable on freezing class memberships only. Buyers / Clients are responsible and in control of their own purchase from the start.

Below is your 25 question consultation for nutrition and online training evaluation.
This form is for the Online Training Program or just a Meal Plan

The online training program includes:
*This questionnaire
*10-15 minute Phone or in person consultation if needed and / or requested.
*Customized nutrition & exercise program tailored to your specific
*1 email check in per week with your food and activity log. Long term meal plan guide + weekly updated customized workout routines.

The meal plan includes:
A customized meal plan guide that you can use long term with options and choices provided based on your answers from this form. The meal plan is tailored to your lifestyle, goals, & foods you do or don’t like.

Just the meal plan: $30 for meal plan + $20 for Fat to Fit book to follow recipes required. Food log, measurement tracker, workout diagrams & extra nutrition tips also in book.
– 1 month basic plan online training with meal plan including is $75 + $20 for the Fat to Fit book. If you’d like recommended nutrition products such as natural energy electrolytes for water or lean creamy vanilla protein for shakes, you may add that option to any package for $25.
– If signing up for 2 months or more up front: each month is only $60.

I will do my very best to teach you everyday lifestyle strategies to achieve your goals along with your plan! Looking forward to helping you & your determined mind & body to become the healthier or more fit person you’d like to be!

Once you submit form you will then be redirected to pick a program that best fits you.

Kind Regards,
Shayna Frasco-Rose
FB: Shayna Health & Fitness