Shayna Frasco-Rose a mother of 3 and former teacher, fitness model, & has been featured in magazines, commercials, TV shows, radio & movies. She currently runs The Rose Athletic Club , where she offers Boxing Bootcamp, Mommy & Me, Prenatal health & fitness, Toddler Sports, Kids self defense, pump & jump, butts & guts, Tabata, Kettlebells & Core, weight training, competition prep, personal training, customized meal plans & online training. She makes appearances at schools and other gyms as well. To inquire on booking Shayna for a field trip, physical education class, nutrition seminar, or fitness class appearance – contact (click to contact)… for rates & dates


(Ages 4-12)
Full time 9-5, Mon-Fri / 1 week: $230
Part Time days, 3 days of choice, full time hours 9-5: 1 week: $155
Part time hours 9-1 OR 1-5
5 days: M-F: $145

Sign up & reserve spot for full program of all 3 weeks up front, save $100! $590


August until January 1st

$300 for 5 Months

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6 Weeks for $85

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Shayna is an outstanding master of her craft! Her workouts are very fun and non intimidating. Her welcoming personality is extremely motivational.I started with Shayna’s Boxing Bootcamp up in Massachusetts a couple years ago. When she moved to FL I continued with her virtual training program. I saw results like never before and didn’t even need a gym membership! Every single workout I ever did was right in my home and when I wanted to do it. I followed simple diagrams from her book.

My before and after was taken with only 6 weeks in between! I was seeing definition in parts of my body I never knew I was capable of toning. She was so encouraging no matter what doubts I had. She created everything specifically to my personal pace and preference. It changed my confidence, energy and happiness. I have since continued a healthy life style and learned from her how to maintain my weight while still living my life. Shayna is the real deal in the fitness industry. She is the standard by which any trainer should be measured. – Kayla Thomas

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I had my last child 10 years ago. I was tired and not happy with myself at all. I wanted a change. I started working with Shayna in July 2013 with her online training program. It’ been only 12 weeks since I have started working with Shayna. I have lost 23lbs and feel fabulous! I continue to work at my ultimate goal, but know it will take time and effort! I love the food plan and all the workouts that Shayna creates for me. I thank her every week when sending my check ins!!! she is my inspiration!! – Laura McGeough Silva

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